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The teacher I had a crush on

Today at the train station when I was going to school a ladybug landed on my jacket. I wanted to get rid of it, but it somehow landed on my jeans. When I used my train ticket to put it on the wall it flew away. Nothing special I thought, until I was at school.

As I mentioned in my post "I might have a crush on my teacher" I don't run into a specific teacher often. Somehow he was at school today and I got to see him. I was surprised to see him walking up the stairs, not expecting he would be there. Unfortunately he vanished pretty quickly out of my sight, making me feel a little bit disappointed. A while later I noticed him leaving the teacher's room and got another glance of him. I was busy at the time, but I felt how it made me feel a little happy. Later when I was on my way to get some printouts I was lucky enough to see him in the corridor, of course I smiled at him happily and replied with a "Hi!".

In the afternoon an insect scared the hell out of me... and guess what kind of insect? A ladybug! I realized why I was so lucky while watching the ladybug on the ceiling. I think I have to thank the ladybug that didn't want to get off from my clothes!

It was quite strange seeing that teacher again after a long time. I always thought he looked very young for his age, but now his age has caught up I guess. He looks his age now, but I have to admit that he still looks good.
I was very calm when I caught sight of him, even thought it made me a little bit dissatisfied and happy. At least I don't feel nervous anymore when I get a glimpse of him.

Well I did feel a bit nervous when I saw him in the corridor. I wanted to greet him, but was afraid he wouldn't say anything back. That's why I was really happy and relieved when he greeted me first. I still remember unintentionally ignoring his greet when I was sick a few years back and saw the hurt in his face. I was afraid he still thought I hated him (I never did, of course). Now I'm wondering what he was thinking after seeing me. I hope nothing bad =P.

An important thing I realized today is that my crush on him has been fading slowly with time. By the time I meet him again, it might have been completely faded. Soo I think it's now time to not consider him as a crush anymore, but I was truly grateful to have seen him today! It made me feel very happy. He's an important person in my life after all!

The story about my first love

For many years I've regretted giving up on the one I loved, because I was afraid of my family's reaction and other complications it will cause. Strangely a weird memory popped up of nowhere today and I remembered how insecure I was about the two of us.

I remember how happy I was at the time he told me on MSN that he liked me and still likes me. I never noticed before that our feelings were mutual, which was kind of strange. Somehow it felt too good to be true and I became afraid of losing him.

At first I refused to date him, but he suggested to do a trial and I agreed after some hassle. I just couldn't turn him down, he was always kind to me and I really loved him. I also have to admit that I was really happy and looking forward to it.

Sadly his ex-girlfriend was my former best friend and she called me the day before our first date. She told me that she still loved him. What made things worse was that I had told her boyfriend something that caused them to break up and I felt extremely guilty about it. That night I just couldn't sleep.

On the day of the date I was really nervous, scared and extremely tired. It felt like I had done something really wrong and don't deserve all this. We went to the cinema and I was really happy to see his face, but the words his ex told me the night before kept popping up in my mind. I wanted to know more about the two of them, but he refused to tell me more at some point. What made me not convinced about them being past tense. But I do remember falling asleep during the movie, he had put his face close to mine to see if I was asleep and I became really embarrassed. Ironically, it was because he was next to me that I could fall asleep, because that night was again a sleepless night. I felt relieved and safe with him next to me.

After the date I just felt really confused and avoided him since then. I wondered if he truly liked me or if I was just a replacement. It didn't feel mutual. I was also afraid that his ex-girlfriend would steal him back and that would be way too much for me to handle.

The avoiding continued for about a half year and it was almost Christmas. His ex-girlfriend had been stalking him at his job since the moment she knew he worked there and I had been tagging along, but this time it was different. My other best friend convinced me not to worry and do something before I regret it. I remember searching for him in the store and my heart broke instantly when I spotted him. The ex-girlfriend somehow managed to hug him and was grinning at me. I admitted my lost... even though I regret it now.

Back then I was really insecure about our relationship, because I didn't really feel like it was mutual. For years I had blamed myself for being too young to feel it, but somehow I can't stop wondering if I was just a replacement. He never left his ex-girlfriend side whatever she did to him. Maybe I'm still a little bit jealous even now. He did do anything he could to understand me during the trial period, it's just that I didn't feel the need to bother him. Not to forget he had to bear the avoiding for a half year (still hating myself for it). I have no right to accuse him of anything after all.

Do I regret because I loved him or just because I wanted to be loved? 2

For a long time I thought I loved my first love, because he was very kind and I felt loved around him. But I was wrong, that wasn't the reason I loved him.

Today when I was reading my old diary I could see clearly when I fell in love with his kindness. I didn't write it down in words, but I could tell clearly from the way I worded it. In the beginning it was true that I loved him for his kindness and for the fact that I felt accepted and loved by him. But somehow those feelings slowly changed in 2 years, until the day we confessed and became aware of each others feelings.

When I read back in my diary how I felt after the confession I got really shocked, because I had written down what I saw as precious memories back then. Those memories were 2 little jokes he made and I could feel how it stirred up my emotions. I couldn't bear reading any further and stopped reading. All I wanted was to cry, remembering how simple love was. I didn't only love him because he was kind or by my side when I had nobody else. I loved his smile, his jokes, his expressions just every little thing about him! I just consciously or unconsciously forgot about it.

It feels horrible to remember how it really used to be, because now I have to deal with emotions I don't know how to deal with. But one thing is sure: My feelings changed from wanting to be loved to really loving this person and I really don't know how that happened.

I don't want Skype and MSN messenger to merge!!!

I still remember my first times on the computer, teaching myself how to use Internet Explorer and MSN messenger. I was about 8/9 years back then and now I have used MSN messenger for about 12/13 years. That's why it's still a shock for me that MSN messenger will retire the first quarter of next year, I literally grew up with it!

Today I finally decided to face reality and merged my MSN with my Skype account, I also tried the Skype chat function for the first time and I was disappointed. The main thing that made me disappointed was that I was unable to personalize Skype like I could with MSN. I missed all the colours, backgrounds and other stuff that made me love using MSN. Beside that I don't like the fact that I couldn't play games with my friends on Skype, what I'm usually doing while spending time on MSN.
In my eyes it's strange that they want to substitute MSN with Skype (or how they like to call it merging), that has a lot less functions. There is a reason for people to choose MSN right? My reason is mainly for the games and other functions I use frequently (like the whiteboard). That's why the probability that I will use Skype is 0 and I don't think I will use any other kind of live chat on my desktop computer anymore. I think I'll just switch to my cellphone and only use Whatssapp when MSN is gone.

How do you think about the change? Do you like it? Hate it? My opinion is clear, I don't like it at all!

Changing and denying change 2

In a previous blog I had shared a story about changing and denying change. The story was about a friend  denying that he had changed, when I told him he did. At the time I thought that everyone is changing, except me. And strange enough that friend told me that I haven't changed, which of course I did.

For about 6 years I was wondering why he told me that lie. Yesterday, I finally understood why. That friend was really precious to me and I didn't want to lose him. That's why I didn't want to change and wanted everything to stay the same forever. Unfortunately I noticed he had changed and I couldn't stop myself from saying it. I remember he was quite shocked when I said that. The reason for that lie might be because he didn't want to lose this friend(me) either...

It's really funny to think back and notice my logic back then. There is no way I could stop myself or someone else from changing. We change by the things we experience, even if we don't want to. But it's still great that I finally understand that I was probably also precious to him. And that I might be the reason why he disliked change, back then.

First dream of 2012

Some people say the dream on the first day of the year will determine your fortune that year and some say that the dream will come true. I still remember being disappointed January 1st 2011 after waking up, that's because I didn't remember if I had a dream. This year it's different, I had a really strange one.

In my dream I was sitting behind one of the computers at a long table. Several others were working behind them and one of them caught my attention. It was my first love. He ignored me even though it was obvious that he saw me. I didn't like it and walked towards him, asking why he ignored me. I pretended wanting to cry hoping he might tell me the truth. He told me I was the one who made him wanting to slap his girlfriend. I couldn't hear it clearly the first time and asked him to repeat it, which made me hear that sentence twice.

In the dream I was wondering who he was talking about. It couldn't be his current girlfriend, because I don't know her. Thinking about what he could possibly be talking about I woke up, still not knowing what he meant. After sleeping for another couple of hours I realized it might be my best friend back then.

I'm still wondering what this dream wants to tell me. One thing I'm sure of is that it won't come true. I was ignored by someone about a week ago and I was thinking about him 2 days ago. But it doesn't take away that it was a strange dream.

Do I regret because I loved him or just because I wanted to be loved?

In my second post I mentioned regretting giving up my first love when I was 16 and if I get the chance I would have done it differently.Because I couldn't sleep at night since a week ago, I started thinking about him again. About why I loved him and why he was so precious to me.

Thinking back I know exactly why he was so precious. I didn't have much friends back then, got bullied at school and didn't feel accepted at home. I felt unwanted and useless. And he.. he was there to be my friend, even when I was mean to him. He listened to what I had to say and I felt accepted (for the first time in my life!!) It was just fun for me to be around him, he made me feel like living. That was also the point where I started opening up and developing feelings for him.

I often asked myself what he loved about me. I'm still unable to believe that he loved the insecure air-headed liar I was. And me? Why did I love him? I actually don't know, I just loved being around him and he made me happy. Actually, just being around him made me happy. See I'm a liar ; ) (I do know) I think I loved him because I felt loved around him.

It was very painful back then when I decided to let go and it got me depressed for years. The reason was probably that I was unable to fill up the space I created. I still feel lonely pretty often now, I just try to ignore it. I don't know if I regret because I loved him or because I wanted to be loved, it could be both. But I do wish the best for him, he is really important to me after all.

I might have a crush on a teacher

Yesterday there was a Christmas dinner at school. On my way to school I was hoping that he would be there, because I have only seen him twice this year. The first time we said ¨Hi¨ and the second from afar. I just wanted to have a conversation.

After arriving at the Christmas Party there was only one table. My classmate decided that we should sit there. Later I noticed he was standing on the other side of the crowd and luckily that table had a nice view on him. I started to watch him every now and then, thinking how I should start a conversation and thank him for his help. But I was unable to find a chance, because he was always surrounded by other teachers. I didn't dare to interrupt them and he didn't even looked at me!!

After about 1,5 hour I saw him leaving the dinner area. I thought he might be going to the toilet and it might be my chance. I waited a while before going outside and he was talking with a teacher, again .I gave up and went back inside. Another while later I went to the toilet (I didn't need to) just to see if he was still there and he was. I wanted him to LOOK AT me while I was passing by, but he probably didn't. On my way back he was gone and later I noticed he had left.

When I went back to my classmates I realised I might have a crush on him. I had that idea when I was thinking about starting a conversation before, but just ignored it. Beside that I was a bit frustrated when I noticed that he didn't see me, even when I was right in front of him twice!

At the beginning I disliked that teacher, that's why I hate the fact he somehow managed to steal my heart. I have to admit he is a very nice person, but it sucks to fall in love with the impossible.

My future

A year ago, around this time of the year a teacher asked me how I would see myself over 10 years, what I might be doing and if I will be alone or not. I remember having tears in my eyes for not knowing. I just couldn't imagine myself having a family and all, like the standard. It was quite confusing and frightening.

Now a year later I still don't know. Back then I thought I would just forget about this conversation, but I didn't. I was thinking about it during the whole Christmas holidays last year and still think about it every now and then.

Next year I will probably graduate. It scares me not knowing what I will do after leaving school. I'm actually scared of my own future. I just dislike the fact I have to leave another school, again... Starting again at another school, adapting and end up leaving again. The idea only makes me sad.

Imagining how my life would be after finishing school is already hard enough. I wonder if I will ever be able to think as far as 10 years in the future. For now I still have 9 years to go until I get to know how I would be over 10 years XD

Changing and denying change

As a teenager I had friends I only met once a year, that's during my birthday parties. During one of those times I told someone that he had changed and strange enough he denied. It was back then obvious to everyone that he did change, but he still denied. Today when I think back, I was similar to him. At that time I thought I stayed the same and the others had changed, but that was of course not true.

If I remember right I also said that I think that I haven't changed and he told me I haven't. Now I'm wondering how he felt. Why did he deny? Why do people deny change in the first place? And why did I think I haven't changed which I had after thinking back? Why did he told me I haven't changed?

I might know the answer I was just frightened of change. Not knowing where it will end and how everything wil become. But it's still strange to deny change, because everything changing is the only thing that won't change...

The real me

At the age of 16 I suddenly got the feeling I had lost the real me. Why should I even care about what others say about me? I slowly noticed that I became insecure and that I tried to be someone else than I actually was. Another problem was that I had forgotten who the real me was like, except for the fact I was depressed for years.

After entering university everything became even more worse, I had lost all my confidence and I had to adapt to a new environment. For 2 whole years I was really silent and didn't interact much with my classmates, I just didn't feel like it. I did start to smile more and more in those 2 years.

After my second year I went to 2 different countries in my summer break. I got the feeling I haven't had a break from school for a long time. I felt exhausted and stressed out. Going on vacation did a great job and I started to feel like the true me is coming back. I started to open up to people more, smiling even more than before and really important!! enjoying being with others. Back at school classmates also started to notice that I had changed, I was more open and happy.

A few days ago I met someone I know for 8 years from the internet for the first time. At first I felt a bit insecure, but that vanished almost immediately. I had talked about a lot things and had fun visiting his neighbourhood. The old me would have stayed silent and shy all the time and I somehow didn't. I wondered why after returning home. The answer was that I was like that in the past and because he didn't know how I act in my everyday life. I could act the way I liked, without anyone saying I was acting strange that day.

It feels kind of strange to know my true self again little by little, especially because it's different from the me I have been for the past 10 years. It does feel great to be able to be myself again. That's why I won't become the one others want me to be, but the one I find comfortable being. The thing I call the real me  =)

Returning to the past

Today I read a story about a woman who went 10 years back in time after an car accident. She started to remember who she was as a 14 year old and did things different than the first time. After finishing reading I started wondering what I would have done if the same thing happened to me. Would I have made different choices if I was the one returning to my 14 years old self? The answer was a pretty clear ¨YES¨.

When I was 16 years old I decided to give up the one I loved and had chosen for my family. I didn't even consider telling them that I fell in love with someone not Chinese. Now I'm 20 years old and I started regretting it this year. It's not really regret that I feel, but more like some kind of sadness.

The second thing I would've done different is not telling the ex-boyfriend of my ex-best friend the thing that made them break up. That's because I know I told him out of jealousy, not only out of pity. Even though I kind of got my punishment, because I wasn't able to see him much after they broke up.

It's really strange that the things I want to do different is only about him. The woman in the story only did the things about his sister and her friends different. Maybe it's a good thing. At least I don't regret doing other things wrong.

Now it's time for me to concentrate back on the future, not the past.

New beginning

Last night I had a dream about my first love, which was my ex-best friends boyfriend. I remember waking up and remembering every detail of the dream. I regret now that I haven't wrote it down in my diary, especially because I forgot almost everything about that dream the next morning.

All I remember is that confessed to him that I still like him, but the strange part is that I felt sad when I woke up from the dream, but felt completely normal waking up this morning. I did forget about the dream, but it somehow felt like a new beginning. I finally got the idea that my feelings for him are gone for the first time and I can go on with my life. I don't have to force myself to forget any more and that felt really great. I'm really relieved.

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